Personal Injury

If you, your spouse or child have been injured in a car crash, a collision with a truck or struck as a pedestrian, your life immediately became more complicated. You not only must deal with hospitals and doctors, along with their medical bills, but you must also deal with insurance companies. The goal of the insurance adjuster is to get you to agree to accept as little money as possible and to go away. The insurance adjuster is a professional negotiator. While it is possible to negotiate with the insurance adjuster, you will almost always benefit from the assistance of a lawyer in this type of case.

I have been handling accident cases for over thirty years and can offer you the advice and support you need to get treated fairly and get the money you deserve. My office is in the Village of Springvale, in Sanford, York County, Maine, but I also work in Cumberland County (Portland) and Oxford County (South Paris) in Maine, as well as Strafford County(Rochester, Dover), Carroll County (Ossipee) and Rockingham County (Portsmouth, Seabrook, Salem) in New Hampshire.

The consultation is always free in personal injury cases. If you have a legal problem, call the office and schedule a time for us to talk. You’ll be happy you did.